Whole person care

We are committed to delivering whole person care, supporting people's mental wellbeing and physical health needs.

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​We are committed to delivering whole person care, supporting an individuals mental wellbeing as well as their physical health needs to help them to live their life well.
In recent years, we have been working towards integrating physical and mental health services wherever possible to provide whole person care.
Traditional models of care delivery have often meant services worked separately and opportunities to join up care were being missed.
We believe providing care which focuses on the person, not the condition, will benefit not only the individual, but their family, staff, our organisation and the wider healthcare system.
Being providers of both physical community health and mental health services in Knowsley and St Helens has enabled us to transform services to make integrated whole person care a reality.
We now take this approach across our footprint, working with partner organisations to join up care.
What is whole person care?
Whole person care is about not only treating the illness or condition a person is experiencing, but considering everything about the individual which could impact on their mental or physical health and wellbeing.
As well as body and mind, this includes social and environmental factors such as living arrangements, relationships, family and lifestyle.
It's also about working with the person to discuss options so they can make informed choices about their care.
The impact of whole person care
Our infographic and animation summarise the national issues, explaining the reasons a whole person care approach is needed. They tell the story of our service user George's experiences and the difference our new approach to his care has made to his life.

This is how we operate as an organisation to enhance patient experience.

View our full infographic

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