Your medication

Find out how you can get the best results from your medication.

Medication can be very effective in the management of medical conditions, curing, reducing or preventing disease and easing symptoms. They are the most used treatment in the NHS and are important in the delivery of high quality healthcare and contribute significantly to achieving successful outcomes.

To get the best results from your medicines, it's important to use them as they are intended.

You need to:
  • Take the right amount of medicine at the right times, in the right way and for the right number of days. 
  • Get advice from your pharmacist or GP if you are having any side effects that bother you.
  • See whether your medicines are making you feel better or worse. If you're worried, tell your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible.   
  • For medicines you have to take regularly, make sure you always have enough, especially at weekends, public holidays and when you're on holiday.
  • Always use medicines according to the instructions on the label on the packet, or as your doctor or pharmacist has advised you.
The resources below can help you with understanding and managing the medication that you take. 

Choice and medication website
We subscribe to the choice and medication website which has a wide range of detailed information about mental health conditions, treatments and the different types of medication used to treat mental health conditions.

Issues, concerns or problems with your medication? 
If you are having any issues, concerns or problems with your medication, let us know by completing our patient empowerment form and sharing it with your healthcare professional. Through this you can help us understand the challenges you’re facing so we can better support you. 

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